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Opera, Concerts, and More...

Punto Arte Festival

Welcome to the 4th Punto Arte Festival in Mazzolla and Volterra in Tuscany, Italy, Monday 10 - Friday 14 July 2023. Beautiful concerts, opera's, stunning views, great local food and wine and good company. 

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Modern Travelling Opera, Traveling Pharmacy - A Castle in a Fiat?

Punto arte develops opera productions in Tuscany and Amsterdam that travel the world. The basis of the productions is the sophisticated simplicity of travelling stages and commedia de'll arte - in other words, the dissemination of operas before the age of technical reproducibility. For example, the stage set of Haydn's wanderlust pharmacy opera Lo Speziale transports itself in a Fiat 500. All the equipment for the play about wanderlust, stereotypes of the foreigner and placebo medicine fits in a Fiat 500.


How is this top-level mobile musical theatre possible? Together! Always in the service of music and communication, the management team works. Eva Buchmann directs from the spirit of the music. Technically simple, dramaturgically well thought-out, with a loving eye for the essentials is the direction, carried by Jan Willem de Vriend's conducting. The Dutchman is rooted in historically informed performance practice. The fresh wind and spirit of optimism of this music-making style characterises the work of the founder of the Combattimento Consort Amsterdam. In the meantime, he has carried it over from the Classical to the Romantic periods. Knowing that - as at sea - team spirit inspires, his way of working is very agile. Unpretentious, respectful and listening, he leads ensembles - and that is probably why he is so popular that orchestras all over the world keep inviting him to work with them - from the West - Japan and Australia to the East, e.g. Vienna or Warsaw, from the South in Barcelona and the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra to the North in Trondheim, Stavanger and Bergen.


The director comes from the cello, followed her music studies in her Swiss homeland with a degree in psychology in Amsterdam, where she worked as a music therapist. In her work she sees the whole human being - she staged the opera parody Ludmilla, created in the KT Westerbork, in Westerbork and Amsterdam as well as Haydn's Lo Speziale. The opera about a pharmacist with wanderlust is set in a Fiat Punto. Here the idea of a travelling theatre is paired with the emblem of early mass tourism, which in turn mirrors Hayden's projection in today's society. Her work Ludmilla, a revival of an opera parody performed in the Dutch camp before the performers were deported to Auschwitz, is simply staged on three chairs. From these, the actors replace their concentration camp uniforms  by everyday clothing and begin to play.

Selection of upcoming productions at a glance:

9/10 March 2023, 7.30 p.m., Trondheim, Opera House

Joseph Haydn: Lo Speziale Eva Buchmann, Director

Eva Buchmann/Pieter Veenhof/Atelier "man met de hamer", stage

Trondheim Symfoniorkester & Opera Dramaturgy: Ben Hurkmans

Jan Willem de Vriend, Musical Direction


22 &.23 April Uilenburgersjoel, Amsterdam
1 May & 2 May Synagogue, Groningen
4 May Wilmink Theatre, Enschede
2 June Zoom Festival, Avegoor 




Contact for further information and interview requests:, Tel: +49 30 52 65 54 01

16 June 2023, 19.30, Tonhalle, Zurich

18 June 2023 17.00 Tonhalle Zurich

Ludwig van Beethoven: Fidelio Jacquelyn Wagner, Leonore Michael Schade, Florestan Christof Fischesser, Rocco Katharina Konradi, Marzelline Patrick Grahl, Jaquino Shenyang, Don Pizarro Jan Martinik, Don Fernando Peter Simonischek, Speaker Zürcher Sing-Akademie Eva Buchmann, Concept, Direction

Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich Paavo Järvi, Musical Director


10-14 July 2023 Punto Arte Festival, Volterra, Mazzolla

Our Mission

Punto Arte connects artists and organizations that give shape to productions of performing arts in an innovative way, for a wide audience. Rich traditions in music, theatre, opera, dance and other arts are the foundation and source of inspiration for the contemporary performances, which stands close by for the audience. Punto Arte offers artists and organizations a place to give shape to, and realize, shared ambitions. The performances and presentations of Punto Arte, contributes to a broad appreciation of the heritage of the (performing) arts, quality of life and cohesion in our society.

We Offer

Appealing and high-profile performing arts productions, artistic explorations over the borders of beaten path, quality and passion, are important criteria for Punto Arte in determining the activities. Punto Arte initiates, organizes, produces and facilitates national and international productions, wherein cultural entrepreneurship collaboration and co-productions with other organizations are highly valued. Punto Arte has a wide international network in the cultural world. The still growing network focusses on authors, customers and organizations requiring organizational and productional services that want to achieve high quality through cooperation.

Onze Mensen
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