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Le Nozze di Figaro


In the season of 2018/2019 Punto Arte brings Le Nozze di Figaro to the European stages in co-production with the Italian Piccolo festival and the Croatian National Opera of Rijeka. 

In the 18th century, in Spain, this story takes place on the wedding day of Figaro and Susanna, Count Almaviva’s servants. Figaro is surprised to hear Susanna’s confession: she is being pursued by the Count. Figaro gets angry, and vows to foil the Count’s intentions.

Figaro plans his strategy. It is that Susanna will write to the Count agreeing to a rendevous, but they will send the adolescent page, Cherubino, dressed in women’s clothes. Figaro and Susanna get the Countess’s consent. When they are disguising Cherubino, the Count unexpectedly arrives. Unfortunately, Figaro’s plan failed.

Additionally, Marcellina, an elderly woman, appears there with her lawyer, Bartolo. They remind Figaro of the promise he made to marry Marcellina if he failed to pay back the loan she made to him. Figaro and Susanna’s plans to marry seem to be lost.

But a big new truth is revealed. That truth is that Figaro who was an abandoned baby, is the long-lost son of Bartolo and Marcellina. Figaro and his parents embraced each other. Then, Susanna joins them. Figaro and Susanna’s plans to marry go ahead without interruption. Further Bartolo and Marcellina also marry, resulting in a double wedding.




Stefano Rabaglia


Stage director:

Eva Buchmann



Nicoletta Olivieri


Costume designer: 

Manuela Paladin Šabanović


Light designer: 

Dubravka Kurobasa


Count Almaviva: Robert Kolar 

Countess Rosina Almaviva: Ingrid Haller

Susanna: Anamarija Knego, studijski Ana Majdak

Figaro: Dario Bercich

Cherubino: Iva Krušić, studijski E.Rukavina

Marcellina: Olga Kaminska, cover Iskra Stanojević, Lorena Krstić

Bartolo: Slavko Sekulić

Basilio: Sergey Kiselev    

Don Curzio: Sergey Kiselev

Barbarina: Morana Pleše

Antonio: Luka Ortar

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