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Marcel embarked on his first executive role in 1993 at a local festival when he was just 18, a testament to his lifelong dedication to music and musicians. His role in organizing the showcase festival "InJazz" further highlights his deep involvement in the music scene. Marcel's career has been marked by a seamless fusion of his love for music and his passion for design, a combination that has been pivotal since the onset of his professional journey.


Growing up during the advent of the internet, Marcel has been captivated by its potential. He was among the first Dutch record executives to strike direct deals with Apple and later with Spotify, showcasing his forward-thinking approach. Marcel's guiding principle is to create beautiful things with fun people. At Punto Arte, he finds himself perfectly placed to bring people to a state of wonder with high-quality music productions, aligning with his lifelong commitment to excellence in both music and design.


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