Opera, Concerts, and More...

Punto Arte Festival

From 5-9 July 2021 Punto Arte organizes its second Punto Arte Festival in Mazzolla and Volterra in Tuscany, Italy. Beautiful concerts, being part of Haydn's opera Lo Speziale in the garden of Mazzolla, stunning views, great local food and wine and good company. 

We work together with Triptoscana to arrange package deals. This includes nights, concerts, experiences and meals. Please contact us for the possibilities. 

To get an impression of the first Punto Arte Festival in 2019, click here for the photo's and program


Our Mission

Punto Arte connects artists and organizations that give shape to productions of performing arts in an innovative way, for a wide audience. Rich traditions in music, theatre, opera, dance and other arts are the foundation and source of inspiration for the contemporary performances, which stands close by for the audience. Punto Arte offers artists and organizations a place to give shape to, and realize, shared ambitions. The performances and presentations of Punto Arte, contributes to a broad appreciation of the heritage of the (performing) arts, quality of life and cohesion in our society.

We Offer

Appealing and high-profile performing arts productions, artistic explorations over the borders of beaten path, quality and passion, are important criteria for Punto Arte in determining the activities. Punto Arte initiates, organizes, produces and facilitates national and international productions, wherein cultural entrepreneurship collaboration and co-productions with other organizations are highly valued. Punto Arte has a wide international network in the cultural world. The still growing network focusses on authors, customers and organizations requiring organizational and productional services that want to achieve high quality through cooperation.